We’ve moved!

What, already?  By moving to a dedicated URL, we can provide more features for you.  Like a wiki.  So we took the plunge.  Our new home is www.dirtdata.org, with the blog living at www.dirtdata.org/blog and the wiki, suprizingly is www.dirtdata.org/wiki 

This at blog at this address become inactive.  Please leave all comments on the new blog.

Thanks for all the interest so far.

-The Dirt Database Crew


Updates, News

The Dirt Road Database is going to be moving to a dedicated URL soon: dirtdata.org

There will be a blog component, and a user updatable wiki as well.  I am figuring out the lay out, but if anyone has ideas regarding content, tutorials, links, ect, let me know via the comments and I will take them under consideration.   This a collaborative project, even if there is just a few people at the helm so to speak, you all can steer the ship.  I’ll post the wiki and blog address as soon as there is some content up.

The Frederick map has been viewed over 1,200 times now, and has over 100 notations.  Pretty good for a project that just started last week.  Lets keep trucking.  Er, Mapping.  I am working on a Mass. Map, dozens of roads up there to get down.  I’ll post it soon.


for all you bloggers who care

if you have a website, or a blog, that is interested in getting the dirt road database word out, here is a banner ad to use. there is no money being made off of this, so its like a non profit ad, or something. the database is going strong in the frederick area, but word needs to spread. if you belong to any cycling forums, please post an announcement whereever it is appropriate. if you have a blog, make an entry about it, with a link. this is all assuming you actually think this is a good idea, which, if you have read this far, you already probaly do. here’s the banner ad. you get to make it into a link somehow. click to resize.


map making notes, news

the frederick area map is going strong. however: when adding roads, please note their names. ‘line 81’ isn’t too informative.  the good news: the frederick map has over 84 notations on it, so its trucking along.

Berks County, PA (reading area)

fxdwhl, over at ‘lockring not included’ has provided us with this map of the reading PA area.

thanks, dude.

(link should be fixed now)

Vermont, PA

ok my first PA map didnt work.  Here is my new one, with maybe 1/16th of the dirt roads, if that.  we are literally surrounded by them.  i started a VT map, with the hope that Neil can fill in the blanks.  Joking Neil.  Only if you are super bored.  that would be quite the task, I bet.  all the dirt he knows in VT.

Here are the links

centre co, PA

vermont, in general

just 4 VT roads, over 30 PA roads, plus springs, views, ect.

send new maps in as you got em kid, even if it its just a few roads.  anything at all is a start.

First Links

frederick area map

centre county, PA map

neither are done, or close to it. get on it.